Child Legitimation in Thailand

Child Legitimation in Thailand. In Thailand, a kid born out of wedlock is considered to be the mother’s sole legitimate child by law. Nonetheless, by legitimating the kid, the biological father can prove his legal paternity. Through this procedure, the father is given certain rights and obligations for the kid.

Why Give a Child Legitimacy?

In Thailand, fathers may want to legitimize their kid for a number of reasons.

  • Creating Parental Rights: Legal status permits the father to participate in parenting duties, such as making decisions about the child’s upbringing, healthcare, and education.
  • Legally recognized children are entitled to inherit from their father’s fortune.
  • Passport and Travel: A kid who has gained legal status may occasionally be qualified for a Thai passport and have streamlined travel paperwork procedures.
  • Creating a Bond: The legal and emotional ties between a father and his kid can be reinforced by legitimation.

Techniques for Justification

In Thailand, there are three main approaches to get child legitimation:

  • Marriage: The kid is deemed legitimate immediately if the biological mother and father wed after the child is born. The easiest way, however it needs the parents’ consent to get married.
    Registration: With the mother’s approval, the father may apply at a nearby district office. It is required that both parents be present and produce the required paperwork.
  • Court Order: The father may ask the court for a legitimation order if the mother declines to provide her approval or is unable to do so. This is a drawn-out procedure that calls for legal counsel.

Reasons to Give It Credence

The following are some essential considerations:

  • Age of the kid: If the kid is too young to provide assent, the process of legitimation may be delayed until the child is at least 15 years old.
  • Mother’s permission: Unless there are particular circumstances, such as her absence or infirmity, the mother’s permission is normally necessary.
  • DNA Testing: In certain situations, particularly when there are doubts, paternity may need to be established by DNA testing.
  • Legal Assistance: To guarantee a seamless procedure and negotiate the legalities, it is highly suggested that you consult with a lawyer with knowledge in Thai family law.

Creating a Safe Future for Your Offspring

In Thailand, fathers can create legal connections with their children through child legitimation, which gives them rights and obligations. Fathers who are aware of the procedure and its ramifications are better equipped to secure their child’s future and build a closer family unit.

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