Consumer Protection in Thailand

The Consumer Protection Act has been in use for the past 2 years however very few people have heard of the Act and how it protects consumers in Thailand. The Act can also be used by expats to lodge complaints about products. The Act is mainly setup to protect consumers from unsafe products and to make it cost effective to lodge complaints and to sue for damages if a product you bought does not live up to expectations.

The consumer has to lodge their complaint with the CPB or the Consumer Protection Board or any other association linked to them. They will then file the case on your behalf. The complaint must be filed within 3 years since knowing the problem but up to ten years where the business operator cannot be clearly identified.

The court case does not need to prove intention or negligence only the fact that damage had been caused and injury had occured. The court has the ability to award compensation to the consumer and to impose liability on to either the importer of the product or the manufacturer however only one may be liable. The Act has not been used as often and should you have an injury from a defective product bought in Thailand, speak to any of our attorneys in Chiang Mai or any of the other major cities where we have offices located. Speak to us today about product liability and injuries caused. We are more than happy to assist you achieve compensation and justice.

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