Thailand Marriage Visa Approval

Completing the documents and financial requirements are two of the most important factors that contribute to the success of the Thailand marriage visa application. The rationale behind these requirements arises from the need to validate or confirm the applicationfs legality. It serves as concrete evidences that the relationship between the beneficiary and petitioner are established in good faith. Moreover, these papers provide avenues to verify the claims of the visa applicant.

As far as the financial requirement is concerned, the latter assures the Thailand government that the petitioner is highly capable of supporting the beneficiaryfs needs. Likewise, this also guarantees that they will not be a burden to the Thai economy. Thus, the financial requirement has been put as an economic safeguard.

Financial requirement

The financial requirement for Thailand marriage visa is the amount of THB 400,000 in a Thai Bank account. If they cannot comply with this, the partner must prove that he/she have a monthly income or pension of THB 40,000. A combination of both your monthly income and money on the bank in total of 800,000 THB may also be an option. There are two easy options that could assist them in satisfying the said requirement.

The first option is to open a bank account in Thailand; it should be two months before the actual visa application. One must deposit THB 400, 000 in the said account. The second option is to present financial-related documents proving that a THB 40,000 pension or income is received on a monthly basis. Under this context, one can obtain fully certified documents of their bank statements or pay slips. Upon presenting it to the nearest Thai embassy, do not forget to ask for an affidavit. If these two still sound impossible, the combination of both money in the bank account and monthly income can be done. Here, the latter may need to submit or present taxation records.

Documentary requirements (Visa application)

The following paperwork is required from any applicants of the Thailand marriage visa:

  • Accomplished application form
  • Evidences of Thai citizenship such as birth certificates (Thai spouse)
  • Duplicate copies of the passport

Documents that prove the relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary, take for example:

  • marriage certificates or contracts
  • Certified copies of financial-related documents and papers
  • Photos of the applicant and Thai spouse.

In case problems arise in obtaining all these documents, legal assistance is very much encouraged. Speak to attorneys in Chiang Mai for more information. Call us today toll-free!

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